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Our Favorite Sex Toys

The sex toy industry is a $15 billion one, with 50 percent of women reporting that they tried their very first sex toy in their 20s. This isn’t just great news for companies who are constantly coming up with the next best sex-related toy, but great news for humanity: we’re becoming more open-minded about sex toys as a society — and about trying out all different types of products.

There are literally THOUSANDS of brands and sex toys. What’s Your Favorite?

Greetings From Spiro, Oklahoma!

Welcome to Intimate Tickles & My Favorite Product Page!

Although I love ALL the products in our Intimate Tickles catalog, these are the top 1 products that I hope you will take a look at...
    DEFENSE Natural Protection Formula Glide - DEFENSE is a premium water-based PH formula blended with sea kelp and guava bark and is paraben- and glycerin-free. It has been found to assist in the protec... Read More
    I love this lubricant because it is water based and paraben and glycerin free. It has been found to aid in the protection against yeast infections by maintaining a healthy microflora. This lube also i

    Intimate Earth Defense Glide $35.00

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